Just 50 years ago, the Human Being performed one of the most remembered and relevant feats of his History. On July 16, 1969, three men made the first trip out of the Earth, something only imagined in films and novels of Science Fiction. It is a fact that, from our beginnings, humans feel an enormous attraction for the Moon, for that satellite that accompanies us every night since time immemorial. And, since then, each civilization has reserved a primordial place for it.

Hindu Philosophy, and with it its Yoga and Astrology, grant it the most important place in the Universe, because the Moon symbolizes our mind and personality, our ability to feel and think. As you think you act, and each act generates a Karma.

The Moon is the nearest celestial body to Earth and, therefore, its energy affects us to a greater extent. The element of the Moon is water. For this reason, we can appreciate the influence it exerts on the masses of water that exist on Earth. 70% of the human body is made up of water. And, our mind (intellectual power of the soul or our cognitive abilities) is composed entirely of water. The water currents are in motion at all times ... All the elements in the Universe have energy and that of the Moon affects that of the mind, infuencing directly on emotions and thoughts and these, in turn, on our behavior. Therefore, the Moon and its energy have a psycho-emotional effect on people.

GURU PURNIMA: This is the name given in India to the first full moon night after the summer solstice (usually in July), and this year it is celebrated on July 16. "Purnima" means Full Moon and "Guru" is our spiritual growth teacher. Although, on this date, who is usually honored is the teacher´s figure, we also take into account the people we consider our masters in life, including our parents. This date is associated with Ved Vyas, perhaps the most important sage in Hinduism, since he edited the 4 Vedas (primary source of knowledge and wisdom of Hindu philosophy) and wrote some of the most important texts for Hindus. For this reason he is considered the "Master of Masters", using this day to venerate those who encourage us to grow spiritually. 

SHRAVAN (MAAS) or SHIVA MONTH: Shravana begins with the Guru Purnima and for the Hindus and Yoga Philosophy, it is the most auspicious time to get results from our spiritual works (Sadhana), because its power is multiplied, from a mantra, a meditation, a physical Yoga exercise , to a more elaborated ritual.

RUDRA ABHISHEKBeing the month of Shiva, during these weeks people perform the most important rituals to revere this Supreme Energy  throughout India. The ceremony connects the two fundamental principles of Hinduism: the time-bound recurring world of matter (Prarkriti, shakti, maya) and the timeless still world of the soul (Purusha, shiva, brahman). This philosophical idea argues that the essence of me is God, that my soul (Atman) is like a drop of the ocean, a particle belonging to a higher entity, composed exactly by the same elements. Rudra Abhishek is the most used means to invoke that energy of Shiva. The idea of God has no form, so a stone is used to symbolize that eternal aspect, without beginning or end, that is, the SOUL. Unlike other ceremonies that use statues and icons to represent different deities, Rudra Abhishek uses an element that express the infinite: the Shiva Lingam [...Read on].

Picture from Ana Vega. 
Rudra Abhishek celebrated with the participants of the Jagruti Solidarity Trip of Photography 2018 in Rishikesh-India.

Understanding the mantra "Shivoham: I am Shiva" we can connect more deeply with this ceremony. I do not communicate outwards, I do it inwards. I do not talk to anyone other than myself. A ceremony to become aware and try to understand our existence and its ultimate meaning. 

"All life is the result of energy and thus, we have a choice as to what energy we use in what we do, say and how we think".

*We apologize for possible errors made in translation. 

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