Vedic New Year (Vikram Samvat). Spiritual events in Hinduism are based on the "Panchang", planetary movements and the effect they have on Earth and. especially, on us...

Vedic calendar (Lunar calendar) is ruled especially taking into account the position of the Sun and the Moon, symbolizing in our existence the soul and the mind respectively. Last night we had New Moon and we started a new energy cycle.

For Hindu community, New Year takes place today, March 25 2020, 2020. To this Philosophy, this date marks the end of the annual harvest and therefore the beginning of a new harvest year. This day is also associated with the sowing of new seeds and, therefore, a new beginning.

According to Vedic Astrology, the Moon has just completed 12 laps to the Sun just today. Both planets are now in Pisces, the last of the twelve zodiacs that surround our Solar System.

PISCES symbolizes the end of a cycle, senescence, detachment, moksha, or liberation and is the most spiritual zodiac (ruled by Jupiter and its introspective, harmonious nature).

The next zodiac is the first one, ARIES (ruled by Mars and its enthusiastic and warrior energy). Aries symbolizes the beginning, childhood, creativity, attachment.

At this time of year, Sun is leaving one zodiac to enter the next one, which is antagonistic in nature. Therefore, working on our vital balance from our spirituality these days is very important. And, the divine energy of DURGA helps us in that process. From today until April 3 spring NAVARATRI (Chaitra Navaratri) takes place. Nine days to prepare our nature for that great change.

What can we do during these days? Durga symbolizes Nature, cycles, creation, our inevitable relationship with the world. Be aware that we can all bring about positive changes. Durga waits in return us to generate positive karma (punya karma) and clean bad karma (papa karma). Each person has different skills and resources to help and support others, especially in this delicate moment that we are experiencing globally, helping other human beings, animals or even the environment...
A very powerful tool are our intentions, the inenr energy with which we focus our actions. Praying, as long as it is done with love, dedication and conciousness, helps us to convert energy. These days, during Navaratri, we can invoke Durga's divine strength through his MANTRA:


The amount does not matter as much as the purpose (Sankalpa), although a minimum of 108 times can be done (sacred number in Hinduism that encompasses all universal energies we depend on). Today is a perfect time to connect with Nature, understand its message, its decisions... Understanding that, although we want to control Her and exploit all her resources, She is always above us. Durga is divided into each and every natural element of Universe. And each natural elements of Universe is Durga. I am Durga. You are Durga. When I invoke Her, I am awakening that part of me that is She.

"All life is the result of energy and thus, we have a choice as to what energy we use in what we do, say and how we think"

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