JAGRUTI® is a way to understand the essence of Hindu Philosophy from the knowledge and experience of Hindu scholars and masters in different Vedic disciplines such as Yoga, Ayurveda or Astrology. One of its aims is to bring closer those teachings in a beautiful and genuine way to people interested in taking that knowledge from Hindu masters experts in these subjects.
Thus, JAGRUTI® organizes workshops or/and retreats in which these teachers can share during few days, even for a day, a variety of topics related with any of these fields. Through the master Manoj Sharma, people can experience and feel the authentic meaning of Sadhana as well as knowing and understanding their Vedic Birth Chart (Kundali). A very deep and beautiful journey to get complementary knowledge from general Yoga practices taught in Yoga Schools.
During the summer 2017JAGRUTI® has been in several places in Spain, such as Málaga, Alicante, Madrid or Oviedo organizing workshops for different Yoga Studios and also for private groups. The general feeling of the participants was amazing and the way in which Manoj connected with all of them was simply wonderful. His great knowledge of Vedic studies along with his humble and selfless attitude, made people to love the courses.
In general, the day used to be structured in two big parts, morning and evening, separated by a longer break for resting and taking lunch. The morning part starts before the dawn, the group starts chanting peaceful mantras for getting a deeper introspection. The way Manoj chants creates an energy which makes easier to connect with the activities. After that, and at the time of sunrise, it is time for Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation and Pranayama (both practice and theory). This first part is finished by a break to prepare the Havan (Fire ceremony) with Kirtans, a beautiful and unique Hindu ceremony as well as one of the oldest active rituals in the world. Properly, it must be always performed by a Pandit (scholar in Hindu Teachings and Philosophy) or Pujari (expert in performing of Hindu rites and ceremonies) and Manoj is both of them. During the ceremony, Manoj will explain all the symbolism behind every action and object. After taking breakfast, the second part is Philosophy session in which Manoj shares the essence of this knowledge. After this, the group would have a big break to take lunch and rest.
The second section is that of the evening. It begins with the second Philosophy session to talk about interesting topics and concernings of the group. Also, they would have another session of Pranayama and Yogasana. The participants will have also the opportunity to feel a deep inner connection practicing Yog Nidra, Dharana and Tratak.
Manoj could also offer other sessions such as Rudra Abishesk (Shiva Ritual), a beautiful way of connecting with the deepest self through Bakhti Yoga. In the sunset, Manoj could also perform a moving Aarti, to symbolically give light to the most sacred. It is a way to give thanks to the Divine for giving us light during the whole day (light of Sun, light of life…) and we give back with our love and devotion.
Manoj Sharma is also a great Vedic Astrologer, able to deeply connect with the people for them to fully understand their Vedic Birth Chart or Kundali. It is a great chance to know better the meaning of our life and the events surrounding it. 

If you are interested in participating or offering a workshop or/and Retreat in your School, Academy, Studio or for a private group contact us! Live an amazing and unforgettable experience.