JAGRUTI® is a project originated in the world capital of Yoga, Rishikesh (North of India), to bring closer Traditional Yoga and its Philosophy, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and Hindu culture, through Hindu teachers of an extraordinary human and professional quality, whose life not only revolves around this Philosophy, but has become the axis of their daily habits.


The Traditional Hindu Philosophy of North India teaches a fully conscious way of life through three main tools for the complete development of being:

Ayurveda to  take care of  BODY
Yoga to  take care of MIND
Astrology to  take care of  SOUL

JAGRUTI® offers the possibility of approaching these disciplines from the most authentic vision, counting on Hindu masters and scholars, not only because their wide academic and professional experience of the highest quality, but also because they love what they do and transmit it in an amazing way. JAGRUTI means in Sanskrit "Awareness or Awakening", and is the most accurate expression to summarize the meaning of the experiences and teachings that are offered through this project, since it implies the ability to perceive and understand that everything that happens around us has an impact on our being, that is, to know how external events influence us in internal processes. 

And, in the search for that state of conciliation, we must understand and accept that our mind must submit towards more subtle aspects of our being and that logical reasoning has certain limitations. We must learn, assimilate and reflect on what we are getting to know, but we also have to feel, contemplate and internalize. And, for this to happen, there must be a certain degree of consciousness that allows us to assimilate all the acquired knowledge to integrate them into our daily life.

JAGRUTI® expects these teachings to be understood, to consciously reflect on them and be tested and experienced individually, so that later aspects that can benefit are integrated and those that hinder this evolution are discarded.

There are several options to experience JAGRUTI:
          Through workshops / retreats / activities in specific places outside India.
          Through Online Sessions of Vedic Birth Chart for you or for any other person led by Jyotishi Manoj Sharma (Vedic Astrologer). 

          Through trips to the North of India to feel and understand these teachings and their essence from their origin.

* Usually, trips to India are offered between February-March and September-November, since these months are the best to travel to India (mild and dry weather).

In all cases, the spiritual, philosophical and cultural guide is Manoj Sharma. Other great professionals join us when their knowledge or support is needed, such as the specialist Doctor in Yoga Vikas Suryavanshy; the Doctor in Ayurveda Vashuda V. Suryavanshy; Vinod Sharma, expert in Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound), musician of Harmonium (traditional Hindu instrument) and Yogacharya in Hatha Yoga; Neha Lohia (Neurolinguistics and Yoga for Women), or the Doctor in Ayurveda Shailendra Chaubey (Holistic Therapies, Human Anatomy and Physiology), among others ... Know them better!

Both workshops/ retreats in Spain or other parts of the world and trips to India can be organized for specific studios and/ or associations, as well as for private groups. JAGRUTI® offers the opportunity to organize customized trips adapted to specific groups. JOIN US!

In short, JAGRUTI® works to show the teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology from its Hindu philosophical perspective, as well as its Culture, offering a genuine experience to learn and understand them from its origin from an expert approach, told by Manoj Sharma and other masters specialists deeply motivated to share them from a Vedic and classical vision and involved in working for the original diffusion of the oldest active disciplines in the world.


The logo of JAGRUTI® (designed by Neha Lohia) is a diya or dipak, oil lamp used in all Hindu ceremonies symbolizing the victory of light over darkness, of truth over deception, of knowledge over ignorance...